In conjunction with J. SUBILIA AVIALEGAL, BTEE provides legal services for a complete addition to our studies, expert assessments, assistance and training.


  • Air Law – public and private, Swiss, European and International, especially the Chicago Convention and its Annexes as well as European law that applies in Switzerland.
  • Airport concessions and airport operation in general including all forms of airport regulations (landside and airside).
  • Rights and obligations of airport operators, especially decision making authority in respect of the various categories of users and the legal area of liability that applies to airport activities.
  • Rights and obligations of an Airport Chief and airport authorities.
  • Rights and obligations of suppliers of air navigation services.
  • Law of liability of suppliers of air navigation services.
  • Procedures for dealing with governing bodies and civil aviation oversight authorities in general at Swiss, European and International level.


  • Law governing new communication and navigation technologies applied to aviation especially legal problems related to the use of SatNav systems (GNSS flight procedures).