The damage caused by collisions between aircraft and animals cause loss of life and financial loss to airlines.

Each year worldwide the damage caused by collisions between aircraft and animals, particularly birds, cause several hundred deaths and more than a billion dollars loss to the airlines.

And the risk is not diminishing, quite the contrary. If you add the increase in animal populations to the increased number of aircraft movements equipped with more and more quiet engines taking in large volumes of air, the wildlife hazard is increasing.

Therefore all means necessary must be implemented to ensure passenger and aircraft safety. In accordance with ICAO standards all international airports must take measures to control wildlife hazards.

BTEE is an internationally recognised Wildlife Hazard Management specialist. We support airports in this area by providing :

Peril Animalier
  • WHM Training
  • Audits and assessments
  • International manual of recommendations for wildlife hazard control at airports
  • Free wildlife hazard self-assessment
  • An expert system software package MANIRA-Airport® and other airport software
  • Assistance with cataloguing and identifying species
  • Various training courses provided by Airtace, our international training centre for the airport environment