With our team of specialists BTEE can perform complete or sector-based environmental impact studies or notices in accordance with current legislation.

Environment 02

Our philosophy when performing an Environmental Impact Assessment enables our clients not only to meet legal constraints but to optimise their projects.

In addition to performing the study we can provide long term support by for instance designing the technical project by proposing minimising and compensatory measures, biological monitoring of those measures or indeed by providing advice to the client.

Our EIA capabilities cover the following areas.

  • Property improvement, land boundary changes and declassification of agricultural zones ;
  • Transport infrastructure (roads, motorways and railways) ;
  • Ski areas (levelling, installation, snow cannon) and sports infrastructure ;
  • Airports, aerodromes and heliports ;
  • Agricultural, small industry, urban or industrial construction projects ;
  • Pits, gravel pits, sand pits ;
  • Hydraulic improvements (ports, changing water courses) ;
  • Renewing operating concessions and modification of hydro-electric structures ;
  • Forestry development (catchment areas and changing boundaries) ;
  • Regional planning and development.