More and more airports are committed to providing their customers with services that respect the principles of sustainable development, taking care of their ecological footprint.


The constant increase in passenger traffic and the economic, cultural and social development of an entire region imply the adaptation of airport infrastructures through a multitude of projects. A growing number of airports are eager to implement measures to control the environmental impact of their activities.

Our company :

  • coaches airports in setting up and maintaining the environmental management system (ISO 14'001)
  • establishes an environmental diagnosis of the airport platforms (fauna, flora, environments, biological corridors)
  • identifies all the biodiversity issues present at airports
  • implements actions to preserve, enhance and develop biodiversity
  • integrates the biodiversity strategy into wildlife hazard management
  • proposes measures to prevent and limit the environmental impact of air traffic and airport activities in the areas of noise, air, water and waste
  • offers a global management system including quality, safety, security and environment to ensure that all themes are considered in new projects
  • ensures compliance with current environmental regulations
  • ensures dialogue with all airport stakeholders and general public