With solid experience in regional planning, nature and countryside renewal, BTEE can offer full studies or studies on individual sectors.

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BTEE offers complete or sectorial studies such as zone development plans, community master plans, general wastewater control plans, sustainable development schemes, countryside development designs or Agenda 21 (A21).

As part of Agenda 21 BTEE advises and assists local authorities and private companies using approaches such as sustainability assessments or sustainable development plans.

BTEE also encourages an integrated development approach to be implemented for ensuring coordinated regional management at a district scale between the different development procedures. Coordination of these sector-based studies enables overlaps, redundancies and contradictions to be dealt with by simultaneously covering the various areas leading to a coherent and relevant vision of the region.

BTEE also functions smoothly as part of the multi-disciplinary groups needed to carry out this type of project. Our office is frequently called on to be the steering office in that situation.