BTEE advises and supports businesses and public authorities in implementing safety management systems or plans that comply with current legislation

Sécurité 02

Since the 1st January 2000 the “MSST” directive (appel à des Médecins du travail et autres Spécialistes de la Sécurité au Travail – Call on occupational safety physicians and other specialists) requires employers to identify existing dangers within their business and take necessary steps to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. This legal requirement applies to all businesses with at least 5 employees or which pay for accident insurance a net premium higher than 0.5%.

Management of MSST directive related matters and safety in general is based on the same approach as ISO standards. In this context we can provide tailored assistance in stages from initial risk analysis to implementation of a business-specific management system.

Finally in addition to audits our specialists can set up indicators or write internal information documents, monitor the safety of our work sites, check your plans or provide training specific to your area of activity.

1MSST: Call on doctors or other occupational safety specialists.